Prowess provides cutting edge technologies for its products with remarkable impression among its clients.

Electric Arc Furnace

UHP / High Power EAFs

Power Conducting Arms / Conventional Arms for Electrodes

State of the Art Digital Electronic Regulation System (PLC based) with High Response Proportional Hydraulics

Eccentric Bottom Tapping (EBT)/ Spout Tapping

Customized Oxygen/Carbon Management System as per Charge Mix


Ladle Furnace

Single Station or Twin Station Type Ladle Refining Furnace

Improved Design of Main Roof to Minimize Stickers

Electrodes and Roof can be Lifted even after Power Failure

State of the Art Digital Electronic Regulation System (PLC based) with High Response Proportional Hydraulics


Vacuum Degassing Unit

Fixed Vessel with Movable Cover Trolley / Vessel on Transfer Car with Fixed Cover Design

Dry Mechanical Vacuum Pump with Gas-Cooler + Cyclone+ Bag House OR Steam Ejectors with Cyclone, Condensers & Hot-well OR Combination of both for Vacuum

Complete Automatic Operation through PLC

3 or 4 Point Vessel Cover Lifting Designs

PLC Controlled Stirring during Degassing Process


Oxygen Management System

Customized Oxygen Injection System to Enhance Productivity

Versatile Oxy-Fuel Burners for Augmenting Scrap Melting Maximum Life Oxygen Lance

High Life Copper Panel that can Withstand the Impact of Falling Scrap and Protects the Lances from Breakages

Fully Mechanized Efficient and Easy to Handle Lance Manipulators

Retractable Lance can work on different Bath Heights with same Efficiency

System Includes Oxygen Valve Stand, PLC, HMI and Operators’ Control Desk


Carbon / DRI Injection System

Designed to Sustain the Specific Flow- Rates required by the Different Lancing Methods in Use

Carbon/ DRI Fines of Size 1- 5 mm

PLC Controlled

Load Cell Arrangement for Recording Actual Weight of Fines

Various Combination Possible with Oxygen Lance


Fume Extraction Systems

Primary & Secondary Fume Extraction System for EAF/LRF/EOF/AOD

Secondary Extraction through Roof Canopy

Gas Cooling through Gas Cooling Tower with High Temperature Water Quenching or Forced Draft Coolers or Natural Hair Pin Coolers

Bag House : Pulse Jet Type or Reverse Air Bag House (RABH)

VVVF/ Soft Starter Start-up of ID Fan

Complete Auto Operation through PLC with Optimized Power Consumption

Pneumatically Operated Feedback Controlled Dampers